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Budaya zina menjadikan pengguguran janin sebagai bisnes….

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by Alex Lee


Construction Industry

Its good money seriously, lots of new expertice in building & construction brought in. Clearly international help would be required in many ways, material consumption will drive the industry,more jobs for people like me when we graduate…



It is going to be very iconic in the skyline of KL. Icons can go two ways, but seeing that a crazy lot of people dont see it approvingly, it will be an icon of the govenment’s ego regardless of PNB being a private corporation or not. Speaking of Iconic, it increases the risk of it becoming a terrorist target.


I would approve the project if it was revolutionary in design able to contribute to the Malaysian people and still make PNB very happy, ie being a new kind of green building, that has trees all over, or a farm to feed the city (market below?) or a revolutionary skyscraper to house all kinds of sport stadiums (since its near the old KL sport area) or something amazing like that where Malaysians can say we lead the world 10 years down. Problem is that its just another tall building, box rooms, repeated 100 times skywards… If only Norman Foster would be the designer…



Planning wise, its a heritage area, schools, stadiums… its said that that area where Chin Woo Stadium stands, is the acropolis of KL… now will you build a 100 story tower next to the acropolis? Its a heritage site, it must be protected… Now, let me explain why… building a massive landmark like that will raise real estate value in the surrounding areas. KL’s heritage conservation law is not like Penang’s or Melaka’s… Developers will snap up the land very quickly regardless of the trouble involved. It is known that developers will very quickly demolish the heritage buildings before anybody has the chance to tighten conservation laws. Now demolished all is lost, noting to fight to protect now. The micro effects will be the same, nearby Chinatown will start losing its old charm, more modern and clean retail and businesses will replace the old, may be good, may be not.


About density and development, I personally think that KL is trying to link a corridor from KLCC’s high desity development all the way to KL Sentral. Very neat idea but there are other areas that can be used for this corridor too. No need to talk about vehicular traffic… keep the calculator, no need to calculate. But inkage to area is quite good, not more than 1km away from all 4 train lines. The site borders a few premier institutions. Certain noise, traffic & safety issues.


From my reading of KL’s planning history, there are still several shelved projects to revive the Klang river.(one ambitious one including building a huge snaking mall over the river with water taxis underneth) City should talk to PNB revival projects like this. This is the city’s heritage root, the lumpur…


PNB Corporate Duty

I love architecture. The last few times I tried to visit Stadium Merdeka and the nearby Stadium Negara, I was not allowed in on few occations. I was told to get permission from PNB. A few times, allowed in, but no pictures, same excuse… I argued that its national heritage, and its PNB’s duty to keep it open to all citizens, no response… Their PR is bad to the bone… how do you hope students doing their Malaysian Studies and History to see PNB as the nations success story?


Editor’s note: Alex Lee studied architecture and planning. We thank him for kindly sending this note to us sometime ago when we called for views from professional and expert perspective. We welcome others to do the same.


By experts, you need not be a world class professor or famous consultant. You could be a ASB investor, a property agent, a civil engineer, an environmentally-conscious citizen, or even just a commuter, who spends time to observe, investigate and understand what happen around us.


The point is we need more in-depth views from a wider variety of focus on the Mega Tower. Such comments should have been provided by our media, professional bodies and universities. Since this does not happen, we are appealing to you – Let’s DIY.



From: afiq jalal

Seorang suami sedang mencari-cari helah untuk membolehkan dia berkahwin

Antara alasan yang diberikannya:

Suami : Lelaki kawin 3 baru lah sah

Isteri : Kenapa pula?

Suami : Cuba terjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Inggeris, “satu” is one,
“dua”is two,
“tiga”isteri (is three). Baru betul dan sah!.

Isteri : Tapi abang kena faham Bahasa Inggeris, terutama tentang
“singular” dan “plural”

Suami : Berkenaan apa tu?

Isteri : Satu tu “Singular”; dua atau lebih “Plural”

Suami : Contohnya?

Isteri : One car sebagai singular, two cars sebagai plural. Apa bezanya?

Suami : Ohhh.. tambah huruf “s” untuk yang plural

Isteri : Betul tu. Sama juga la untuk abang

Suami : Macam mana pula boleh sama?

Isteri : Satu isteri abang MAMPU, jika dua isteri dah jadi plural, maka
abang MAMPUS, tambah “s” je, kan ?

Lepas daripada tu, si-suami tidak pernah lagi berceritakan
hasratnya untuk berkahwin lagi…


I wud like to wish all of you Indians out there especially my frens a very Happy Deepavali and a very happy new year!

Many happy returns of the day.


Mohd Rafi Mohd Kamal showing the dead cockroach found in the bread he bought in Seremban.— NST picture by Dzulkeffli Mustapha

SEREMBAN: A construction supervisor and his wife nearly had a little “extra protein” in their sandwiches on Thursday.

Mohd Rafi Mohd Kamal found a dead cockroach in a loaf of bread he bought from a grocery shop near his Seremban 2 home.

“I didn’t notice anything wrong with the bread until I got to the last few slices. I found a dead cockroach sandwiched between them,” said the 31-year-old.

He says his wife Shukrina Abdullah fell ill after eating a few slices from the same end of the loaf where the cockroach was found.

“She was vomiting and had diarrhoea. The doctor said it might have been caused by the contaminated bread,” said Rafi, adding that he noticed a few spots of mould on the bread even though the expiry date on the label was Oct 6.

Shukrina lodged a police report on the same day but Rafi said when he contacted the manufacturer, the company tried to brush off his complaint.

“They asked me to send the bread to them so they could conduct tests and investigate the matter.

“I declined because I want the tests to be done by a neutral body,” he said.

He lodged a report and submitted the bread to the Negri Sembilan health department for testing yesterday.

“My next move depends on the test results,” he said.

The manufacturer’ s Nilai facility was temporarily closed down last year because it was unhygienic, and the company was employing illegal workers as well as using cooking oil without a halal certification.


Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, So love the people who treat you right, Forget about the ones who don't, And believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, They just promised it would be worth living.

Ingatlah, hanya dengan mengingati ALLAH, hati menjadi tenteram.

"Ya ALLAH, jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya padaMu agar bertambah kekuatan ku untuk mencintaiMu"

Bertambah luas akal, bertambah luas lah hidup, bertambah datang lah bahagia. Bertambah sempit akal, bertambah sempit lah hidup, bertambah datang lah celaka. -Hamka -

Yang paling bahagia adalah orang yang mempunyai hati yang alim, mempunyai kesabaran dalam diri dan mempunyai sifat yang merasa cukup dengan rezeki yang ada. -Hukamak-

INFO: Tip untuk ibu bapa

Sebaik kandungan mencecah empat bulan, ibu digalakkan baca surah al-Fatihah, ayat Kursi dan surah al-Inshirah. Surah Fatihah adalah ibu al-Quran, ayat Kursi bertujuan menghalau gangguan syaitan manakala surat al-Inshirah untuk melapangkan hati dan fikiran.

Selepas bersalin, baca surah berkenaan ketika menyusukan anak dan dihembuskan di kepala. Ia boleh diteruskan sehingga anak cukup umur.

Waktu ketika anak antara sedar dan tidak. Rebut peluang bisikkan kata-kata nasihat, pujian dan pesanan. Ambil masa seminit, dua untuk membacakan doa sambil mengusap kepala mereka selain memberikan nasihat.

Doakan kejayaan anak, rakan anak mereka, anak rakan dan jiran.


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