Move on

Posted on: June 8, 2009


home shweet home.
nw cn only turn ON da blogging world.
so many ups and downs.

nw i realize wt i think i wanna write afta those disaster has been made by H.

well, i dont wanna give a damn nemore bout him.
or even to forgive him of wt he had done over my life.
in sucking my name in front of her GF.

i know da truth, i will just shut it down to myself.
ALLAH knows better.

H once did play wif the GOD name, there’s wil alwiz hv a pay back time, nt by me, cz im only a human that cannot judge ppl in d inner or outside, only HE can do that job.

i just pray to HIM that you may been given HIS guidance in all ur lies.
cz i disgust u. u r such a pathetic person i eva known.
n i wanna hate you for the rest of my life.
n will hate ur name 4eva n eva.

until there’s time HE will give me ‘light’ ON to forgive YOU.
i dun wanna eva pickup ur call or ur text nemore.
mebe ppl that is close to u hv TRUST da hell in you.

but for me, i pity YOU on those lies u made, n ppl that cn forgive YOU on wt YOU have done.
YOU shudnt b given such forgiveness.

i believe there’s a second chance, bt its more than 3rd times to gv chance for a ppl like YOU. a damn gud LIAR.
YOU r nt worth it.

one day, ull face da same thing.
one day, ull b in my shoes.
one day, ull definitely taste those lies again.
cz history repeats itself.

for F, gud lux n all da besh in ur r.ship.
i cant judge you by telling you to stay away frm a liar like ‘h’im…
cz i knoe deep inside ur heart u luv him so damn much.

i bet you, ‘h’e doesnt deserve your luv.
thats all i can say.

those written ere is nt meant for me to b in da middle of ur r.ship.

bt jez to remind u, if it’s happen to be da same thing again, dun YOU eva put my name in ur problem again.

all da besh~

may u seen da TRUTH~

-end of chapter-

2 Responses to "Move on"

This comment has nothing to do with the post above. It’s just that I found it pretty awesome on how you end the entry. It’s like..

“End of Chapter”

.. and I was like, “I think I’ve seen the word CHAPTER somewhere in your blog…” and my eyes caught something on the top, “Another Chapter of Life”. Ahah! There you go! It really suits! Another chapter of your life is end. Niceeee!! Hehehe!

this chapter of mine is end.
n hoping tat will be buried somehow deep in the ocean or whereva it is…
deep inside d earth.
i hate when ppl do wteva they like, at da same time hurting me deeply.

nway, thanks for da ‘semangat’ u gv me (in da comment above).
really like it, luv it.
thanks again n a lot for ur ‘compliments’, words (sumhow it chill me out), and advices (tat definitely gv me strength to hold on).

ngeee πŸ˜€
niceeyyy yaaaa~
hehehe πŸ˜›

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