Posted on: January 16, 2009

I went to lowyatt yesterday.
We went there to survey some stuffs, including my new hp to be😀

I wish to buy a laptop, b4 i fly.
bt havent make up mind of which laptop i shud buy.

thinking of HP laptop, wif AMD X2 Core Dual wif 250GB Sata HDD, 6 cell battery, ATI 3078 MB graphics, Lightscribe DVD RW, etc2.
and its concluded tat Compaq CQ40 has the best price.
Da price quite nice, 2230rm, including lotsa gifts given out including 250/320GB external HDD and 4GB thumbdrive.
We met a frenly bro explained everythin tat we din even think of, luckily we met him at his booth.
we have his namecard, somehow, we’ll buy from him mebe. he gave us gr8 offer and since we’re students, da price wud be ok for us. but im looking for the limited edition, Compaq CQ45.
Da design is nicer😉

But, we’ll c how.

I surveyed few things to buy b4 the trim start wic are:
1. Printer: HP Deskjet F4280 All in One, 188rm.
2. Thumb drive: Kingston Data Traveller 8GB, 48rm.
3. External hard disk: 320GB SATA, 180rm.

Oh ya, b4 we went home, we went to sg wang n of course to surrvey my new hp to be.
it jez arrived ere in malaysia, cant wait to buy 1.
bt b4 i made up my mind to buy tis hp, i hv few choices in mind, which were samsung omnia, iphone, and samsung F480. afta chit chattin wif dat guy at takacom, he said nokia wd b better off to grab.
da price at takacom was 1450rm, original nokia set.
bt at nokia dealer da price was 1499rm.
im hoping to buy at nokia centre; long term service, etc2.
My hp to be model is: Nokia 5800 Music Edition.
I will buy it b4 da sem starts😀
and dy promised to someone, to buy and go wif him.


6 Responses to "Lowyatt"


mana tag nyer?


kt blogspot.
bkn kt wordpress.
hv a look😉
beshnyer tag2 org ni.
esp drZyedz.

ops.. tak cite pon nk fly ke mane..

lm cite lgk.
sbb lm cnfirm lgk.
sdng dlm proses.
if dh confirm tol2 br akak announce😛
lgk2 akn inform yush😉
no worries kayh.🙂 take gd care of urself there in mesir😉
bler blk mesia lgk?

huhuh, looking for new laptop ek,

actually sama ajer laptop mana mana pun, laptop nie tahan lama. depending on how u use it. kalau setakat untuk buat assingment, surf internet any laptop will do …. tapi kalau u into graphic designing stuff, gaming and extensive programming please make sure u have enough memory & CPU processor for it …

just dropping by …

u can buy tube at rm1400 only or below at lowyatt

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