Warnink to ‘Nadia’!!!

Posted on: January 1, 2009

there’s 1 comment i received few days ago on my previous post entitled save me.

yesh for sure i know de IP adds.
and i can figure out which area of tat person sent it. a warnink for you, dun eva come across or ever think of to reply any comment if you do not mention who actually you are. i wont approve it, instead i will block you not to eva gv a comment to any post in my blog and put your ip into my spammed list.

apparently, there’s someone use my search box in this blog to find all my post bout my ‘EX-BF’. such a pathetic person. just be happy with your life now, and dun desperately to be me, and what ive been thru and those happiest moments with him. create your own chapter of new episode of your life. again, please dun view my friendster page. please walk away from my life!

end of story.

i jez been a lil distracted lately.
having a hard time focusing on details.

few days back, during lunch.
few days back, that ‘freaky dream’.
a while ago, during meeting.
a while ago, when ‘studying’ at foyer library.
a mins ago, while watching CSI.
a mins ago, afta tat sms.

2 Responses to "Warnink to ‘Nadia’!!!"

kak ct cyg..namo sedih2 yek..jgn dikisah pasal perkara lalu..i know u can do it sis..thx 4 d getting well day by day..hopefully x effect study and preparation 4 final..sis..u can do it!!

aisyah dearie.
owaitz. insyaALLAH i wil.
thanks 4 da wish and advice 😉 appreciate it very much~

glad to hear tat.
get well soon~ [amin].
insyaALLAH… aisyah pn cn do it.
chaiyuk2~ hehehe 😛
dh lme xjmpe pdhal br 2 days kutz kn 😛
hahaha~ mishU. 😛
cpt2 sembuh taw nnti leh mamam shamer2 😉
take gud care of urself.
mamam ubt on tyme. jgn skip ur meal 🙂

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