Chicken Wing

Posted on: December 18, 2008

it might sound so weird wif tis post title.
cz wt im gonna post ere wud be totally different, cz i dun have any idea wt da title shud b.

well, aite nw…
ive been burdened wif so many probz.
its all in my mind.
hanging here and there, just like those clouds in da sky.
hurm… <sigh>

too many distractions…
i cant concetrate and focus on wt im goin to do.
those ‘memories’ came back afta few months ive been walkin wif tears.
suddenly, it appears back.
its totally make my heart craving for happiness.
i wish i dun have ‘those’ dreams.
y shud ‘you’ be in my dreams?
can ‘you’ just leave me alone?
can ‘you’ just stay away from my life?
tell ‘your’ gal not to view my FS AGAIN!!!

i dun want to hurt my feeling again.
bt when u came back into my dreams tis few days back, im thinkin of to fly far away from here…
away from ‘YOU’.

Im not hating ‘you’.
but i hate wt ‘you’ have done to me, and my life generally.
its so difficult for me to  walk away wif tis hurt.
tis fragile heart is totally weak to move on.
 luckily, afta ‘tat’ incident and ‘tat’ last sms frm ‘you’…
‘u’ are far frm my eyes.
 i just wish not to c ‘you’ again in my life, and specifically ere in ‘dis’ small cmpus up until i graduated.

im begging ‘you’ to stay away frm my life.
i cant be bothered wif those ‘black’ memories.
i dun want to be haunted by ‘it’ and ‘you’, and ‘your’ gal. 
coz im hoping tat there’s no hatred inside, only ‘dat’ mistakes shud b enuf for me to be burdened with.
im so sick and weak to walk thru ’tis’ path. 

AND its not worthy to cry over a guy like ‘you’.

i am hepy to be surrounded wif beautiful frens.
i want to be in ’tis’ circle of frens for the time being…
please dun take it away from me. 

i lurve u gals and guys…~

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