Posted on: December 5, 2008

i think i dy reached my limit.
i cant hold it nemore.
wt i can think nw is to put this burden away.
how? there’s only 1 way to do it.
jez thinking of the aite time to send it to da higher position.

im tired. i wish there’s a full STOP for it.
im wondering what’s da mistakes i might possible did.
i might dun realize my mistakes but for those who did, do aware me of it.
there’s no way for me to improve if no one stand up and say so.

its a fact when ppl only see a black dot over a paper, rather than da whole white paper itself.
and shud i surrender in this battle?

i wish there’s someone more capable than me to take over this job.
no one is perfect. ppl alwiz do mistakes.


missing da moment where im enjoying my university life back in melaka.
its totally different nw in cyberjaya.
finding friends which i cn  trust 100% and to hang out all da tyme only in dreams for nw.

only do da talking by sms-ing my besh fren.
sorry for not being wif you all this while.
u knoe wt im facing nw.
i cant wait the time we can hang out again.
i wish i can find the end of these burden.

btw, thanks bro adam for your advices u sent me in ym.
ill bear it in mind.

“apa yg anda belajar dr melaka harus digunakan dengan baik ketika anda berada di cyber sekarang…segala pengalaman, tunjuk ajar serta pengetahuan di melaka adalah bekalan anda di cyber, segala macam karenah adalah perkara yang biasa, kekuatan seseorang itu berada di minda masing2, bukan pada kelemahan org lain..good luck. – anything just let ‘us’ know..we will go to cyber if emergency needed….”

i wish i am strong enuf in and out.
i wish i can fight my right.
i wish i just can fly far from here~


3 Responses to "Limit"

Speaking about “limit”…

I know it’s hard to simplify every single things, jobs or tasks around you when you have the limit inside you. But sis, try to see what’s beneath every single thing happened, analyze it and try to encounter it LIMITLESSLY (I’m not sure whether the word does even exist.)

If you found yourself limitless (without limit), InsyaAllah you can face everything akak! Look into yourself and TRUST yourself. If there is no other people can be trusted like you mentioned above, then the best way is to TRUST yourself. 🙂

I know you since I was in Alpha and I know your capabilities AND… I know you can face it akak! InsyaAllah~ 🙂 Be strong! Trust yourself! 😉

i wish i am STRONG enuf syafiq.
i might STRONG on da surface bt not all da way through.
there’s a ppl tat din c how we actually support him/her and alwiz lend his/her hands, but somehow ppl wud rather listen to one side other than both side. neva give space for explanation. but only because of 1 mistake (mebe), the goodness flew away, so the ‘badness’ (if this words exist la. hehehe) alwiz has in front of his/her eyes. like i mentioned bout da a small tiny black dot on a white paper. huhuhu.

i just wanna end this burden syafiq.
i cant handle it nemore.
i cannot work in a hatred environment.
but somehow, deep in my heart i really lurve my job.
its da ppl inside tho.
its dy beyond my capabilities 😦
i siyesly cant expect tis would happen, i’d rather step aside and even give myself a chance to focus more on my study.
the previous 4 weeks of tis trimester, did make me fall sick every week, that i cant longer face nemore.
i am really sad to make such decision.
i hope its da wise one.
and for my own gud.

oo..masuk dlm blog erk..hehe..baru perasan..chaiyuk2

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