29 feb, ppl!

Posted on: February 29, 2008

its 29th feb ppl!

its once in 4 years we hv xtra day in a year.
ahakz. so wt is so special of tis date 2day?

as for me, there’s nuthin special ‘to-be’ happened in my life so far.
so since its once in 4 years, i wud like to share smthn ere.

i hv no claz 2day.
i did sum revision n my fyp.
talkin bout my fyp, it gaves me such a ‘painful’ headaches.

i hv to start frm 0 which i neva involved wif.
hv to use MATLAB… tat is beyond of my knowledge.
bt wt to do… hv to learn n learn n learn n learn…

glad to hv such a nice SV.
he taught me a lot to use tis MATLAB. n im stil strugglin to finish up da coding.
i am more in2 another language wic is Java, C++, C, C#, or ASP.
tis MATLAB stuff, seriously get me crazy into matrices n numbers!

oke, stop crappin bout my fyp😛
lets move on to next part.

ere are sum EVENTs happened on tis date.
so buckle up ppl, seat tight… plz read more… hehe😛
sum info to share wif y’ll.😉

1960 – Earthquake kills 1/3 of Agadir Morocco population (12,000) in 15 seconds.

1996 – A Peruvian commercial jetliner crashed in the Andes, killing all 123 people on board.

1964 – Frank Rugani sets badminton shuttlecock distance record, 24.3 meters.

1996 – Daniel Green was convicted in Lumberton, North Carolina, of murdering James R. Jordan, the father of basketball star Michael Jordan, during a 1993 roadside holdup. (Green and an accomplice, Larry Martin Demery, were sentenced to life in prison.)

2000 – Six-year-old Kayla Rolland was fatally shot by a fellow first-grader at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan.

1956 – birth date of american serial killer Aileen Wuornos

1960 – birth date of american serial killer Richard Ramirez

2008 – Fri, 29 Feb 2008 01:46:21 GMT

This is the iCub or Robotcub. Over the next four years, researchers at the University of Plymouth plan to teach it to talk using observations of the way parents teach their babies. Note that it’s toddler size. They seem to view this as important.

2 Responses to "29 feb, ppl!"

Haa.. Seperti syafiq kate aritu… Seriously syafiq tak tau langsung ttg matlab tu… bagi syafiq mmg susah wooo!!! hehehe!! akak hebatttt!!! all the best yer kak shiCi!!!😉

thank u syafiq😉
bt xla hebat mne pn.
sket2 je actually. nway thankx a lot 4 da compliments😉
all da besh 2 u 2😉

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