Nervous kutz

Posted on: December 27, 2007

yesterday wz nt a very gd day for me. very weak. i cant barely move a lotz. n its a headache. very painful. huhuhu. im nt sure hw it happens. bt jez nw i browse to this RANDOMNESS blog, n read one article entitled “Interesting Reasons Why People Get Headaches“. one of those factors are there. yesh its totally true, and i agree wif tat article.

went to sleep early, thot it can reduce my pain. n put some minyak cap kapak on my forehead. still painful. in da middle of da nite, its a sudden woke up. i cant go to sleep for about 4 hours then. only by 3am i fall asleep by muhself afta baca selawat few times. tis mornink thot can wake up early to finish up my slide (to edit n add few more slides to make it as details as it can be bt very compact), tat headache still there. so i cont my sleep til 8.45. alhamdulillah sakit kefala pn ilank. cume rasher cikitz je. i hv to go to FIT lab to c my frens presenting their FYP. me n my fyp-mate still hv 2 more slots to be filled in. its a compulsory for us to go at least 4 presentation. COMPULSORY oke.

n tis evening its my turn to hv my presentation. we prepared a lot. for hours we’ve been discussing wts da question might be asked by da moderator. haaa… shangat tepat our instinct. time tgk presentation our frens tu, da questions yg kiterank diskas shumer pn ade ty by da moderator. hebattt tak? leh jdk pakar psikik ni. heee 😀

afta abesh je 4 slot tu. both of us still hv to edit some part in our slides. alhamdulillah. by 1pm dh ciap. 4.55pm adalah detik maut bg kiterank. gegege. nervous tu still ade. eventho dh byk kali wt presentation… dh byk kali practice. n guess wt…? i wz giggling in front of those people, moderator n my SVee… grrr… shangat xleh nk tutup muke tat time. klo buley mmg nk mashuk je bwh meja kt dpn tu. huhuhu. shib baik x muat 😛

by 5.20pm everythin is over. alhamdulillah. n plg hepy is da last part. shumer pn tepuk tgn includin my SVee. n he smiles. tats shows a very gd sign to hv gd marks? hohoho. tawakkal je lps nie. tu part plg epy. part plg seronok plakz, when da moderator asked questions, n we managed to answer all da questions confidently, at the end of da presentation, he asked nuthin. yeay~ n he smiles when he finished viewing our last page of interim report. alhamdulillah.

so tats conclude everythin 2day. im epy wif my presentation. cume, i wish i can take video da time when i wz practicing in my room n present it tho. my english wz very terabur tis evening, mmg totally different from wt ive been practiced all this while… shumer ni pn shbb NERVOUS. hohoho~


4 Responses to "Nervous kutz"

nk try air drum tue… hohoho

nk try ek? 2nggu next sem br ade testing plan 🙂

n ade survey gakz. so… tunggguuuuuuu~ 😀

selamat thn baru… moga thn baru mmbawa seribu keberkatan wat akak ek..:D

maceh syafiq.

camat tahn baru gakz.
may tis year brings u a prosperous life ahead. insyaALLAH.
and may ALLAH bless u alwiz.
all da besh 😉

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