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Posted on: November 17, 2007


Mohd Rafi Mohd Kamal showing the dead cockroach found in the bread he bought in Seremban.— NST picture by Dzulkeffli Mustapha

SEREMBAN: A construction supervisor and his wife nearly had a little “extra protein” in their sandwiches on Thursday.

Mohd Rafi Mohd Kamal found a dead cockroach in a loaf of bread he bought from a grocery shop near his Seremban 2 home.

“I didn’t notice anything wrong with the bread until I got to the last few slices. I found a dead cockroach sandwiched between them,” said the 31-year-old.

He says his wife Shukrina Abdullah fell ill after eating a few slices from the same end of the loaf where the cockroach was found.

“She was vomiting and had diarrhoea. The doctor said it might have been caused by the contaminated bread,” said Rafi, adding that he noticed a few spots of mould on the bread even though the expiry date on the label was Oct 6.

Shukrina lodged a police report on the same day but Rafi said when he contacted the manufacturer, the company tried to brush off his complaint.

“They asked me to send the bread to them so they could conduct tests and investigate the matter.

“I declined because I want the tests to be done by a neutral body,” he said.

He lodged a report and submitted the bread to the Negri Sembilan health department for testing yesterday.

“My next move depends on the test results,” he said.

The manufacturer’ s Nilai facility was temporarily closed down last year because it was unhygienic, and the company was employing illegal workers as well as using cooking oil without a halal certification.


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