Trim 2

Posted on: November 6, 2007

i dun really hv de idea to upd8 actually. n for me it seems that i am short of time when tis new trimester 2 has started. shud we say so? no aitez. cz we have been given a-24-hour of time for our own time, activities and stuff. it doesnt matter how u allocate those time bt what really important is that how u coordinate the time accordingly with a very beneficial activities for ur life as well for ur ‘another’ story of life afta tis life. (it may sounds a bit weirdo) u wont regret if u try to understand it. hehehe 😛

anyhow, all da besh to all mmu students for tis upcoming trimester 2. tis time around, its a short trimester wif only 8 weeks, so everything are done in a very too fast too furious mode. hihihi 😛

i am taking project 1 and also systems reliability subject for tis sem. insyaALLAH tis 2 subjects will be da last subjects for my 2nd trimester. bt unfortunately, i have another 2 more trimester 3 wic will be in 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 since i cant ‘afford’ to take 8 delta subjects in a row wif some of it will be difficult and tough one. hohoho. it may be a very dangerous steps to have gud CGPA l8er on. so i decided to divide it into 2 wic, 4 subjects for each trim. what come across the line is that, what im gonna do in next trimester 2 2008/2009? shud i do a part time job or shud i take subject(s) from other major/faculty? 2nd thought shud be on the line…?!? hurmmm~

what eva it is, i wish i can do so much betta than previous trimester. i have my target that i already set up. now, its the time to achieve it and de alwiz-must do is the pray n tawakkal. amin~


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