Posted on: October 5, 2007

howdy, ppl.

currently listening to: how far we’ve come by matchbox 20.

jez finished my 3rd paper jez nw. ended up happily? or sadly? let ALLAH decide. i did my besh. only left to pray to HIM. may the success be mine, and pass wif flying colors.

i hv one more paper to go, which will be prob n stats paper 2moro mornink, 9am. there’s not much hope im puttin in tis paper. wt eva it is, i will give my besh to write wt eva answers for those questions 2moro.

ya ALLAH, ya RABBI, permudahkan segala urusan hambaMU ini. amin~

the reason for 2day’s entry is not actually bout my exam. but, i wud like to share my determination towards my future, and my plan during 2nd trimester that will start on 5nov. wic shud i start 1st? lets start wif what i hv plan for 2nd trimester.

ere goes, i alredy registered for 3 subjects wic will be parallel processing, systems reliability and co-co. co-co is optional since i am yet to register my TPR3321, project 1. the system which i assume kinda ‘bengong’ in calculating my total credit hours where it displayed 36 total credit hours only.*sigh*

i met ms maryam at fit admin 2 weeks ago, i cn only register for the subject when i get the result for this trimester. if the system still ‘bengong’, she asked me to do it manually. haiyaaa~ ape daaa. cane la system cn miscalculate plakz ek? heran tol…

oke2. enuf talking bout ‘bengong’ thinggy. i hv decided to do part time job in tis T2. every weekend. i hv my own reason wic i wont tell cz its kinda personal, financial probs shudnt arise ere. thats not the reason of y i wanted to start tis part time job. well, i have searched some of the jobs in the jobstreetdotcom.

shud i attached the job that i hv finalized? hehehe. y not aite? it shudnt hv a problem i think. 😉

  • Teachers (Kuala Lumpur)
  • English Teacher (Selangor)
  • Agama Teacher – Ampang (Selangor)
  • Nursery Teacher (Kuala Lumpur)

i’d luv to be a teacher esp being surrounded by cute lil kids. chumil2. hehehe. since i wanted to be a lecturer (so much) afta my degree level or master level. in MMU will be considered. hehehe 😛 so y not tryin to be a teacher for small kids. get the experience then, apply to it during the lecturer-to-be. hehehe 😛

so thats my plan for this 2nd trimester.

for my future plakz…

since i was kid, my dream is to further study abroad. yesterday, i wz looking over the internet for suitable place n what kind of course i shud take. so far i hv made up my mind, either master in corporate communication or MBA. italy? london? conpenhagen? well, that will decide l8er. bt, there is one problem might arise. papa definitely will say NO bout tis matter. still figure out how to convince him that i can stand by my own feet.

thats only my rough plan 2wards my life. but HE does has plan of HIS own of mine. HIS plan is the best. no one can argue, no one can say NO. its a MUST-to-accept without hesitation.

i am very anxious to further my study. but there are some ‘stuff’ to be considered. what i hv to do aite now is to finish my degree level at the highest level as i could.

anyway, jobstreetdotcom is a very good site for the fresh graduate and ppl out there who is looking for a suitable job. try it out, register as a member. and the site also provide how to make a resume online. very easy at ur finger tips. jez click, u r done. the company can search and look for ur resume, they might call you for an interview. all da besh 😉


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