Reddd… powerrr!!!

Posted on: October 5, 2007

2nd update for today. feeling so muchhh to update. ngeheee πŸ˜€

i jez read news from a-must-read site every weekend for me to be up-to-date with the standings for each driver and constructor championship tis season 2007. most of you wouldn’t know that i lurve tis sport so much. it might sounds weird, a gal like me lurve tis kinda ‘extreme’ sport. since i dun have the time to watch live from astro each race day on sunday, so this is the site that keep me alerted which driver is now lead the race and also wic constructor wud have the ‘best time during the pit stop’ every week.

for ur info, tis season (same as the previous season), i still chose ferrari to be my favorite team. y? i think most of u know the reason of it. color? yeah, one of the reason also. cz red symbolize the strength of the team. the passionate to win each race. and tis red color also easy to spot, easy to look for the car during each race cz there are 22 cars on the grid. only ferrari is in full of red. reddd…. powerrrr!!! (terigt plakz during Orientation Week 2007/2008). l8er i will upload the videos of red team cheer been uploaded in the youtube. hehehe πŸ™‚

back to F1 news again. including this weekend, it left with one more race at interlagos, brazil. so, the race ere at chinese GP will determine which driver might grab the title of f1 championship. will it be lewis hamilton? alonso? or kimi? this 3 drivers are competing each other for the title. if lewis hamilton wins the title, he will be the youngest driver to have such title in the history of f1. if this chinese GP won by lewis hamilton, it is confirmed that he wins the title. but for both kimi and alonso they are hoping that lewis will not finish the race tis weekend, as they still can have the chance to grab the title.

the standings for the driver:

  1. lewis hamilton, mclaren mercedes = 105
  2. fernando alonso,mclaren mercedes = 95
  3. kimi raikkonen, ferrari = 90

anyhow, my support will be for kimi and ferrari team, and ferrari is confirmed to be the constructor championship for 2007 season since mclaren mercedes has been dropped out by FIA this season. go KIMI… go KIMI… hehehe πŸ˜‰

as i promised, ere the videos of red team cheer during the orientation week 2007/2008, june intake. mish ’em all πŸ˜‰ esp the red mobile OC. wuwuwu…


time to continue my study. back to prob n stats notes…


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