How to get to Cyberjaya from Pudu

Posted on: August 9, 2007

Some people from melaka cmpus did ask me hw to get to cyberjaya from Pudu. sadly to inform to u guyz that there is no more bus direct from pudu to cyberjaya. u guyz have to take public transportation to reach cyberjaya. ere goes, referred to papa…

Option 1

once u arrived there at pudu, u hv to go to KL sentral. how to get to kL sentral from pudu? its easy… u have to take star LRT aka ampang line n buy a ticket to masjid jamek station. the STAR lrt is located behind the pudu building, using the shaded walkaway. the station u r nw at star lrt nearby pudu will be plaza rakyat. so, go to the counter to buy a ticket to masjid jamek station.

make sure u r using the right way and the right train to go to masjid jamek station. u may refer to da map given. do take a tren to sentul timur. it takes only a station to go to masjid jamek, please be alert with the announcement given thru the speaker in da tren wic station it will stop next.

once u arrive at masjid jamek station, walk out from the star LRT station then go to PUTRA lrt station or aka kelana jaya line. u may ask the people at da counter of the STAR lrt station before u go out the building, u may have to cross the road or u may jez walk behind the building, it depends on wic tren u take before.

once arrive at the PUTRA lrt masjid jamek station, do buy a ticket to KL sentral station. alwiz look at da map given n take the right tren to go there.

when u reach at kL sentral, please take a bus there direct to putrajaya sentral. its a hub bus, rapid kL bus. u have to walk out the building to go to the bus stop. the bus will be at kL sentral every 30mins.Β  do take rapid KL bus E1.

at putrajaya sentral, take a bus (rapid kL bus) to mmu cyberjaya, numbered T429. the bus will come every 30mins.

u may spend around 10rm using this public transportation. πŸ˜‰

  1. pudu to star lrt station (buy ticket to masjid jamek)
  2. masjid jamek to putra lrt station (buy ticket to kL sentral)
  3. kl sentral: take a hub bus to putrajaya sentral (rapid kL bus num E1) *thankx 2 nora for de info* πŸ˜‰
  4. putrajaya sentral: take T429 bus (rapid kL) to MMU cyberjaya
  5. 4 simple steps, u r now at MMU cyberjaya πŸ˜‰

Option 2

Since i just checked the map that i search in the internet, i found one more option to reach cyberjaya n oso info given by nora (thankx nora) πŸ˜‰ n i think tis 2nd option is much more easier than de 1st one.

from pudu, u hv to walk to central market (aka pasar seni), arnd 10mins, bt i think its not tat far. then wait for rapid kL bus (blue n red in color) numbered E1. the bus will direct u to putrajaya sentral. it will cost u 3rm (if im not mistaken).

and from putrajaya sentral u have to take another bus, wic is T429 to reach mmu cyberjaya.

  1. walk 10mins from pudu to central market. take E1 rapid kL bus.
  2. the bus will direct you to putrajaya sentral.
  3. take T429 (rapid kL bus) to mmu cyberjaya.
  4. as simple as that, 3 steps only πŸ˜‰ n nw u r at mmu cyberjaya πŸ™‚

if u r not clear about this post, please msg me thru my hp or ym. thank you.

imprtant notes: dun forget, the buses will start to operate everyday from 6am to 11pm. so dun miss the bus if u wish to go home late πŸ™‚ and do plan ur time to travel πŸ˜‰ hope tis info wil help you…

you may click these links to have betta view: map1 or map2

24 Responses to "How to get to Cyberjaya from Pudu"

hye shici…just nk share info…bus dr kl sentral ke putrajaya sentral is E 1….kalau x silap leh naik gak dr pasar seni…heheh…info tambahan..

thankx 4 de info nora πŸ˜‰ btol la tu E1. tp xsure plakz leh nek frm pasar seni. cz my papa x mention plakz. huhuhu.

try ngk route kt internet pn xjmpe lgk. wuwuwu~

nak share info gak…hehe…bas E1 dr kl sentral/pasar seni ke putrajaya sentral RM3…bukan RM2…n ticket tu tak leh nak guna utk bas T429…naik bas T429 dr putrajaya sentral ke mmu cyber kena beli ticket baru-RM1..(kalau sy tak silap)

tenkiu meisiem for de info. thankz for sharing.
sharing is caring πŸ˜‰
hehehe… πŸ™‚
thankx a lot πŸ™‚ tak tau ar mcmne dari cj ke kl naik public transport…buat la info pasl bdak baru blaja nih..:))

gimana cara ke malaysia dari indonesia?

hi, i want to know how to go cyberjaya from kajang by public transport.
i really hope u can help me.thank you πŸ™‚


from indonesia to malaysia u hv to use a plane to get ere. buy a ticket from de airport counter nearby u, ask for a ticket to malaysia, then u will ere in malaysia by plane, n basically u will be arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).


i alredy posted da details in my new entry. i hope de info shud be oke… if it wsnt, do let me knoe, ill try to help as possible as i can. thank you πŸ˜‰

hi..ada sape2 bole tolong x?mcmmana nk ke cyberjaya kalau dari shah alam?perlu ke sentral dulu jugak ke?or have another bus??really2 need ur help.i’m from shah alam n my company send me to cyberjaya.please..if anybody got the info about this..please let me know yea..really2 appreciate it..tq

i will post it da route for you in my new entry.
sorry for da delay.
hope it will help u.
tq πŸ™‚

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how min need form kl to cyberjaya by the bus ??

pls give a reply o if can …

it depends.
wic route da bus take 2 cyber.
n wic area of kL u took da bus?

hey may i know, the first option still available? thanks pls email to my mail, if could? thankie

i think it is.
i did travel by bus recently.

Hi, i just want to know if i want to back to pudu from cyberjaya mmu by bus, i take the same number bus which is E1 and T429 ?

Apparently yesh.
U need to take da bus at kl sentral or central market as i mentioned in the post.
bt there’s still a high risk, cz im afraid they might already change the route for the bus number stated ere.
to double confirm it, u may ask around, if nt, u might lost πŸ˜‰
hope it helps u ya πŸ™‚
have a nice day~ take care πŸ™‚

Thanks:) I will call and confirm with rapidKL cs first

There is a better and faster way to go to cyberjaya.
From Pudu, take LRT from Plaza Rakyat to Bandar Tasik Selatan.
At Bandar Tasik Selatan, take KLIA Transit aka ERL to Putrajaya Sentral. Then, take T429 to go to Cyberjaya.

Total fare as of 1 September = RM 8.90
Total journey time = Approximately 1 hour

correct. its another alternative 2 go 2 cyberjaya from pudu.
bt for me, using erl is too expensive.
one single journey almost cost u 10rm.
only for those who cn afford to do so may do so πŸ™‚
thanks 4 ya info.

is it will reach to IBM? how to come back from cyberjaya to cheras?

Yeah it suppose to reach IBM.
if im not mistaken the bus always stop in front of IBM.
But u may ask the bus driver indeed πŸ™‚

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How can I go to Serin Residency condo in Cyberjaya from Puduraya bus terminal using the cheapest and easiest way??

Thank you

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