Posted on: July 11, 2007

Currently I am not in a gud mood. Too many things happen 2day, ever since i woke up tis mornink. I really dun understand what is going wrong, but i wud rather say that I am not into it. I really mean it. huhuhu.

Today, i made a phone call to ixora management. its regarding the deposit that we’ve been promised for to be credited into our account by end of june, bt till today there is NO even 1 sen in our account from the management. Di manakah duit kami?!? when they want us (student/tenant) to pay the rental per interval (3 months) which i have to pay 555rm (since i lived in 5th floor), they forced us to pay whenever the late payment cause, they go to our room, knocked the **** door and took our precious belongings jez to remind us to pay the money by tomorrow and if u cant do that u have to bla bla bla and bla bla bla, bt when it comes to refund our money, it will be alwiz the stu*** lame excuses.

kiterang di janji kan selama 30 hari lps isi form check out, n now dh lebey 30 hari pn. bt when i called ’em this evening, the management told me that the deposit will be credited into our account by end of july, itu pn belom confirm lgk dpt by end of july, jez derang ckp WE WILL TRY. Students mmg alwiz ditindas mcm ni ker? I wish i do knoe their procedure of being late to give out the deposit. same goes to MMU finance. till 2day claim for my program pn xdpt dpt lgk. aiyooo~ bler mntk students bayar tuition fees bkn men lagik, shiap kene BARRED if x bayar. klo total amount that need to pay is 2000rm, then 75% kene byr if not, you will be barred by the finance division.

Klo la deposit duit tu x shamer byk dengan wt we have paid before, i need an explanation from ’em. deposit that we paid upon signing of yearly tenancy agreement are as follows:

From 2nd to 5th level:
Security – 185rm
Utilities – 185rm
Unit/Room keys – 50rm
Total = 420rm

apart from that, we paid 200rm for the booking room fee (i still kept the receipt). we shud ask for the refundable or we are not eligible to do so? suppose yes, cz its only a booking fee… once the room is available for us, we shud have the 200rm back aitez? and actually where is the money is used for?!? kekadang terpk that we shud not have to pay that 200rm, arent we?!?

again, the total deposit that we shud get will be 620rm. n i did remember they (the management) said that from the deposit they will deduct the electricity and water bills. i shud guess it will be 20rm per person, then we still have 600rm balance. (my maths wont be that bad aitez?) that one will be for those who lives in 2nd to 5th floor, for the upper level then hw much it will b for one student/tenant? ahakzzz2… (hanya janji2 kosong je)!!!

source: ixora2udotcom


2 Responses to "Deposit"

KAMI NAK DUIT KAMI…!!! (to ixora management)

mau duit jugakkk!!! hwaaa…

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