Hari Ibu

Posted on: May 13, 2007

oke, today is a mother’s day. the real one, k. cz sum of us din know wic date is actually a mother’s day n when it will be the father’s day instead. so ere i am. gonna reveal u the actual date of mother’s and father’s day. nway, thankx to syafiq cz i do read tis in his web blog.

“Actually the Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, which is today of course. While the Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June. That would be on the 16th of June I guess~”

im very epy cz i cud wish my mom aite at 12mn. n i din believe that she’s still wake up. glad tho. actually she was watchin AF, thats y my mom yet to go to bed. a bit frustrated cz i cant really wish in front of her, bt still talkin on da phone wif her made me relief instead. im having xm soon, thats y i cant go bck home. sorry mum😦

wt cn i talk bout her? so much fun when i talkin to her, talk all those craps n gossipin 2getha, n basically the kitchen will be the place of our gossippin time. i mish tat moment very much. its alredy a month (i think) i din go bck hme. mish my mum so much… mish my family tho.

to all mums in the world whereva u are, Happy Mother’s Day. Cant describe by words for such ur tremendous ‘Job’ in the family and to the world wide. may ALLAH bless u alwiz mom. lurve u mom!

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